Our Impact

As guests of Siargao, we’re committed to making Coco Space a place that positively impacts the island.

We take responsibility for giving back to the community and protecting the island as much as possible.

Financial Impact

By leading the digital nomad community in Siargao, we are responsible for its financial effects on the local community. We are taking steps to make those effects positive.


Local products

We buy our supplies from local farmers and suppliers. That’s how we keep our food fresh and our neighbors happy.



We will always try to hire locals first. If we don’t find the right one within the island, we will hire only Filipino nationals.



To create equal opportunity, we host workshops about digital literacy, building online skills, and finding remote work.

Cultural Impact

We’re committed to creating a space where people from all cultures can come together and learn from each other, maintaining a healthy cultural exchange.


Involve the local community

We are taking steps to involve the local community in our events.


Local culture

Teaching our guests about the island, the Philippines and local language.



Collaborating with local institutes, NGOs, and LGUs in different ways.

Environmental Impact

Building and maintaining a business on such a beautiful island requires us to consider our environmental impact. We are taking steps to make our environmental footprint as small as possible.


Solar Powered

Coco Space is fully solar-powered, Saving a significant amount of CO2 Emission every month.



We recycle waste and compost food scraps, reducing the waste that goes to landfill.


Energy efficiency

Our space is designed to reduce and save energy, using it in the smartest way possible.

Partner with us

We are open to hearing new opportunities for creating a positive impact. If you want to join forces, teach us, or help us in our mission, please don’t hesitate to contact us.