The Full Digital Nomad Guide to Siargao

Learn everything digital nomads need to know about Siargao. An updating guide by those who live and work remotely from Siargao.

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About Siargao

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surf spots
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Coconut trees
(well, more or less)

Known mainly as the surfing capital of the Philippines, Siargao island has become a popular destination among travelers and digital nomads. The island is located in Surigao Del Norte province, on the eastern side of the Philippines, right in front of the Pacific Ocean.

Siargao is the house for approx. 150K people on over a 437 kmยฒ land area. With 21 different surf spots (that we could count) and many more attractions and viewpoints, the island hosts thousands of tourists every month.


Yes, many people do. There are some things you need to consider though, as we’ll describe on that post.

Compared to most western countries, the internet in Siargao is not that good. But there are many improvements such as a Fiber cable that has already arrived on the island. Since February 2023 Starlink is also operating in Siargao.

Like the rest of the Philippines, Siargao is an affordable place to live compared to the West. You can see a breakdown of a digital nomad’s life cost in this post.

The visa to the Philippines for most foreign countries is initially for 29 days, with the option to extend it to up to 3 years.

Yes, there are a few Coworking spaces.ย 

Yes. There is a very active digital nomad community. Join the Facebook or WhatsApp group to stay updated.

Siargao Digital Nomads Community

Facebook Group

To get an idea about the island and for longer discussions.

WhatsApp Group

For casual day-to-day chat with other nomads on the island

Community Events

To learn and connect with other nomads in real life

Whether it’s the tropical weather, the endless palm trees, or the great surf, digital nomads are falling in love with the island and want to call it home.

Working remotely from Siargao is the best way to have it all: staying productive while enjoying your breaks in the ocean or on a balcony facing the green hills.

The Siargao digital nomads community keeps growing as the internet and other infrastructure improvements make it a dream destination for remote workers.

Digital Nomad Community Siargao Philippines
Digital Nomads Dinner every Thursday

Cost of living in Siargao

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Total nomad
living cost/month
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One bedroom monthly rent
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Meal in a western restaurant
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Meal in a local restaurant
$ 0 ๐Ÿบ
Local beer
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Transportation within main area
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Surf lesson for beginners
$ 0 ๐Ÿ›ต
Scooter rental per month
Learn the best practices for dealing with money in our guide

Siargao is a relatively affordable place to live, with excellent value for money.
While most tourists visit Siargao for a week or two, digital nomads who come for a longer term can find much better deals on accommodation, rentals, and transportation.

With more time on the island, you will find more hidden gems and live more similar to the locals, while maybe even buying your scooter or surfboard and saving more on the rental price.

Where to Stay in Siargao


For surf & party vibes with mostly backpackers


To have your privacy and comfort for short-term

Long Term Apartmentโ€‹

To have your routine and quiet space for long-term

Recommended accommodations types for digital nomads in our guide

There are 3 main options for digital nomads who want to stay in Siargao for a longer term.


There are plenty of them in Siargao. You can book a few days to start with, and if you like the place, you can negotiate a better price for a longer stay. The crowd will generally be more backpackers or surfers on vacations, but it’s a great way to meet new people.


If you’re coming for less than two months, a fully equipped villa or Airbnb apartment can offer the quiet and privacy you might need all the necessary equipment.

Long Term Apartment

The best in terms of privacy and cost, especially for longer stays. Expect to pay around 20-30K PHP monthly for a nice one-bedroom apartment in the central area. You can find apartments for long-term on the Siargao Long Term Rentals FB group.

When to Visit Siargao

Feb - May

For those who like to travel outside the high season and still enjoy many sunny days.

Jun - Sep

When the sun is shining, people are smiling, and the waves are very friendly for beginners.

Oct - Jan

For advanced surfers or those who like the rain, the temperature is still warm, of course.

Depending on your intention, there is a different recommended time for you in Siargao. Digital nomads can find their place in Siargao all year round, with different things to do at each time of the year.

Summer waves are great for beignners and longboarders

Siargao Visa


30 days on arrival
Can be extended up to 3 years


59 days on arrival
Can be extended up to 3 years

Rest Of The World

Most countries are eligible for 30-day visa with option to extend

For more details about visas, visit our complete visa extension guide.

Siargao is not different than any other place in the Philippines; while you stay here you will need to have a valid visa. You can find here the most updated info about visas for foreigners visiting the Philippines.

Most nationalities can visit Siargao without any problem, with at least 30 days visa on arrival. If you are looking to stay in Siargao for a more extended period, that’s not a problem, you will only need to extend your visa. Extensions are usually for 2-6 months each and can be done for 3 years in a row without leaving the country. That means that as a digital nomad, you can move to Siargao for a while without worrying too much.

Where to Work From in Siargao

For a full list of recommended Cafes to work from, visit our guides.

There are many Cafes, restaurants, and resorts you can work from in Siargao. Not all of them are friendly to digital nomads, though. The rule of thumb is never to trust the internet of the place you are going to work from and always have your backup, whether it is your SIM card or a pocket Wi-Fi.

The recommended places to work from in Siargao are constantly changing, and we keep an updated list in our guides.

working remotely siargao
Working from "Sunday" restaurant

Internet in Siargao

SIM Cards

Local SIM cards and SIM-based WiFi devices

Fiber Cable

Fiber optic cable connection

Satellite Internet

Starlink satellite internet service

For more information and tips, visit the internet guide (It has memes!)

What was once the biggest issue for digital nomads is nowadays not as scary as before. There are different ways to keep yourself connected with good internet in Siargao, and the more you have, the better.

SIM Cards

There are two main communication companies: Smart and Globe. We recommend getting both to have the best coverage all over the island.
Globe is offering a pocket Wi-Fi device as well, which is recommended to buy if you’re staying for a longer term. If you buy one, there is no need to purchase a Globe SIM card.

Fiber Optic

The Fiber cable is being installed on the island since the beginning of 2023 and should be operating in the near future.

Satellite Internetโ€‹

Starting from February 2023, Starlink is officially launched in the Philippines. At Coco Space, we offer a Starlink satellite connection and local LTE internet to ensure you never go offline.

Things to Do in Siargao

Water Sports

Surfing, wakeboarding, diving or kitesurfing, pick yours.

Island Hopping

Travel on a boat between the different island surrounding Siargao

Day Trips

Visit stunning view points, waterfalls and natural pools across the island

For a list of all the places to visit (and when) check our guide

There are plenty of things to do in Siargao (not only surfing!) to have a great time on the island. If surfing is not enough for you, or the waves are not feeling well, you can still visit the ocean for a good dive or try a kitesurfing lesson.

You can also spend a day driving around the island, exploring more remote parts with beautiful lagoons, waterfalls, and natural pools. If you’d like to take some photos, try visiting the famous coconut view lookout or the coconut road.

Mainly on the weekends, you can find different “island hopping” tours that will take you to the beautiful islands surrounding Siargao.

Guyam island Siargao
Guyam island
Famous stop during the island hopping tour

How to Get around Siargao

Tuk Tuk

Or Tricycles, it's similar


Or heavier bikes


Or E-bike if you need a boost

Siargao is not very accessible by walking. You will probably be able to get to a few restaurants and convenience stores next to where you stay, but if you want to explore – you need some wheels.

Tuk Tuk

If you don’t like to ride anything, you can take Tuk Tuk/Tricycles anywhere on the island. Expect to pay between 30-60 PHP for a ride inside the central area (General Luna) and 100-300 PHP for longer rides out of town.
Notice! Most drivers will accept only cash and usually don’t have change from big bills.


The most common option and part of Siargao’s famous atmosphere. Expect to pay around 350 PHP/day for short-term scooter rental and around 5K for monthly rentals. You will find scooters for rent all along the main road, or ask your hostel/hotel for help.


Good for the environment and your health, and the cheapest option. But prepare to sweat…
You can rent bikes in some of the surf shops and bike-only shops along the tourism road. If you are looking for something in between, you can rent an E-bike.

How to Get to Siargao


From Manila, Cebu or Davao


From Surigao Del Norte

By Plane

Fly to Siargao Airport (IAO) with internal flights coming from Mactan-Cebu Airport (CEB), Davao airport (DVO), or Manila Airport (MNL).
The flights are operated by Cebu pacific, Sunlit Air, and Philippines Airlines.

By Boat

While not the most recommended way, you can go to Siargao by boat from Surigao del Norte. This is recommended mainly if you are traveling with a car or a motorbike you would like to bring to the island.

Wrapping Up

Despite some challenges from the past, like the Internet or lack of accommodation, Siargao became an excellent spot for digital nomads looking for an undiscovered raw place with enough infrastructure and a lively digital nomad community.

If you come around, feel free to join our community events and hang out with us.