Phillipines Digital Nomad Visa: Updating guide

Picture of The Author: Coco Space Team

The Author: Coco Space Team

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The Philippines is set to launch a Digital Nomad Visa, aiming to attract remote workers from around the globe. This guide provides an overview of the visa and its requirements and will be regularly updated with the latest information.

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The Philippines, with its jaw-dropping beaches and super-friendly locals, is jumping on the digital nomad bandwagon! In May 2023, they spilled the beans about launching a Digital Nomad Visa. So, if you’re dreaming of working with a sea view, there might be some good news for you.

What’s the Deal with the New Visa?

The upcoming Digital Nomad Visa will allow remote workers, employed in a country other than the Philippines and meeting specific income requirements, to live and work in the country for 12 months, with the possibility of renewal for an additional 12 months. This initiative is part of the broader ‘Digital Nomad Act’ (House Bill No. 8165), aimed at creating a conducive environment for digital nomads and boosting the country’s tourism sector.

El Nido Sunset
El Nido Sunset

What Do You Need to Get It?

To qualify for this visa, applicants must be at least 18 years old, demonstrate proof of stable income generated outside the Philippines, and possess valid health insurance for the duration of their stay. Importantly, visa holders will not be considered Philippine residents for taxation purposes, and their foreign-generated income will not be subject to local taxation.

Visiting as a Tourist Before the Visa Drops

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Until the official launch of the Digital Nomad Visa, remote workers can enter the Philippines as tourists. Many countries have favorable arrangements, allowing citizens to receive a 30-day visa on arrival, extendable for an additional 59 days. Some countries, like the United States, enjoy even more generous conditions, permitting stays of up to six months as tourists.

Siargao catangan bridge
Catangan bridge in Siargao

Wrapping up

The Philippines is stepping up its game with the new Digital Nomad Visa, making it a hotspot for remote workers and freelancers. It’s not just about the stunning views; it’s about embracing a new way of life and boosting the local tourism scene.

Don’t worry; we’ll keep this guide fresh with the latest info on the Philippines Digital Nomad Visa. So, stay tuned for more deets and tips on living the dream in the Philippines!